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Because we are a discount showroom and do not Retail products, we are not an authorized Twin Eagles Retailer.  But we do sell their bbq grills and portable gas barbecues and find that their quality is good.  In fact, they also make a lower-priced line of residential bbq grills called Delta Heat, which is essentially a down-sized version of the Twin Eagles barbecue with a different face on it and regular stainless-steel u-shaped burners.  We don't sell a lot of Twin Eagles barbecues or gas grills because of the price - for what you get (u-shaped stainless burners, welded firebox, etc.), the price of these machines are incredibly high when compared to other brands that offer (essentially) the same thing for much, much less.  In other words, for this kind of money, the product should have commercial-type cast burners, or there should be something game-changing about the product.  But there is not - in fact, the Twin Eagles bbq grill line is much the same as the many others we carry, but the price of the others is far more reasonable.  We do, however, offer Twin Eagles gas grill for sale at a discount.

We also carry a lot of parts for this and other brands, so if you need parts, give us a call and we'll see either what we have OR what we can do to get you the part you need super quick!  We can also arrange service, as well!  So if you own a Twin Eagles grill, let us know what help you need and we'll do what we can for you!  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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Toshitaro Hatabu is our Store Manager.  Ask of him anything you like!

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