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Ambiance Mini Lava Heater at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
Stainless Ambiance Heater (Space Heater) at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
Ambiance Heater (Bronze Pyramid Space Heater) at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
Ambiance Glass Tube (Space Heater) at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace

Ambiance heaters are beautiful to look at, extremely well made (they are actually made by the people who make Lava Italia heaters), and they are primarily designed as "fire features".  Patio Comfort is the parent-company for this brand and we're very happy to carry them.  They come in three models; bronze, stainless and a "mini" stainless heater.  When you want to make a visual display, there is no better choice than an Ambiance product.

Now, we need to clarify that these pyramid-type 'heaters' are really just fire features.  They throw out about 3' of heat, so if you have them near a table, then possibly, the people at the table will be warm.  But as far as genuine space heaters, they really do a poor job of heating an entire area like a mushroom-type of heater does so well.  Yes, these heaters 'look' better than the mushroom heaters, we agree...  but as far as function and performance, these Ambiance heaters are really fire features and we want to sell them ethically.  There are also some competitors out there that will simply 'drill out' the jets/orifices to make the Ambiance products hotter, and while they DO make them hotter, they do so at a risk of product breakdown and glass breakage.  So, the best way to do something is to...  that's right; do it correctly.  So, we sell the products as they are intended, and if you want to make them hotter, please be aware that they may become unsafe.

The heaters come in bronze or stainless only - and sorry, no remote system like the Lava Italia, so you won't have to worry about anything breaking right when you get it out of the box. :)

You can visit the Ambiance website by clicking here:  Ambiance  .  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE

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Ambiance heaters are made by the manufacturer that supplies Lava Heat heaters!  And they're less money, too! :)

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