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Fireglass (American Fire Glass) at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
Fire Pit Kits & Remote Systems (American Fire Glass) at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace

American Fireglass is a great company that sells high-quality products for our outdoor, and indoor, projects.  1/4" Glass is usually what you want when using high-temperature silica sand, so for indoor installations, we absolutely recommend 1/4" Glass.  For outdoor firepits and fireplaces, sand is not used, so in this case, the larger 1/2" Glass is what we recommend using.  American Fireglass sells both, and we do a lot of bulk glass here in our store for cash-and-carry sales to contractors and clients alike.

American Fireglass does it all, from glass, tumbled lava...  plus, they have stainless steel burners for both fireplaces and firepits (linear and round/square).  They have remote firepit systems to automate your firepit (should you want to), and they can usually get us product within a day or two.  We have great prices on their products, so when you're ready for a firepit, fireplace, or fire table makeover, come see us and we'll help!!

There is a great video (below) of their glass Gems that they produced, and as an alternative to the glass, the Gems provide a very contemporary look.  The Aqua Blue Luster Firebeads (what we call Gems) have a chromatic look to them when the fire is on, and again, it looks crazy cool!

We carry select colors in stock, along with bulk glass always being in stock.  You can see all of their products at the American Fireglass website by clicking here:  A.F.G.  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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American Fire Glass not only sells glass, but they also sell firepit and fireplace burners, kits for d-i-y people, and electronic remote systems, too!!

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