There are a ton of outdoor grills and outdoor barbecues out there.  An outdoor bbq is almost a must-have for every home, especially in the Orange County area.  Our bbq store always has bbq grills for sale, so price is never an issue at Orange County BBQ and Fireplace.  What IS an issue is, "Which BBQ Do You Recommend?"

This is the question we get, and we get it A LOT!  Even from people who have been to other bbq stores..  But this brand, the American Outdoor Grill brand, is a staple in our business and a bullet-proof outdoor grill product.  In fact, they not only make cart model (portable) grills, but they also make pedestal bbq styles, too, for commercial use at hotels and resorts.  They come with timers, too! :)

This AOG brand is manufactured by RHPeterson, who makes the commercial-quality FireMagic grills.  The stainless is genuine 304 non-corrosive, the frames and hoods are welded, and the burners are of a stainless tube-type design.  They cook very well, have very little flare up, and are reasonably priced.  Their built-in grills are excellent products and get very hot.  We have a lot of clients that are building an outdoor kitchen or bbq island in their backyards and they come in and buy this brand for their barbecue kitchen because a close friend of theirs recommended it.  Good news travels fast! :)

We've had this brand since it was new and have NEVER had a grill failure yet. They come in 24", 30" and 36" sizes, with light, rotisserie, and pedestal base options.  We display both their freestanding models and their built-in bbq models.  You can also find out more information on AOG by going to their website - just click here:  A.O.G.  

(Please see a video below from our online competitors - you'll find our prices and service are better, but they make a pretty good video, so...  Plus, buying locally means that your grill won't have gone through 10 different states to get to you!)  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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American Outdoor Grill is made in the City of Industry - it is NOT a foreign-produced product!

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