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Astria Indoor Fireplace at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
Astria Indoor Fireplaces at OC BBQ & Fireplace
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Astria Fireplaces are a beautifully crafted item, and Orange County BBQ and Fireplace is proud to be a dealer for Astria!  They offer so many beautiful products that it's hard to choose from!  They not only offer fireplaces for indoor, but they also offer fireplaces for outdoor, too!  And of course, their products are always on sale at Orange County BBQ  and Fireplace, and we also sell to our contractor friends (and interior designers), as well!  We cater to the trade, so please visit us!

Their traditional lines capture the familiar square design that is in so many homes today.  Their contemporary line, however, shows that Astria is serious about the modern age and their modern looks are truly gorgeous!  They have several sizes and designs for you to pick from, and once your contractor tells  you the size of fireplace that you are to work with, please stop in and we'll pick the exact fireplace that meets you and your contractor's requirements so that the product that you purchase is exactly what you need!

In addition to fireplace and fireplace accessories, they do offer a firelogs line, and you can go to their website to check on all the different products they offer by clicking here: ASTRIA .  We have shown you, below, their Gemini and Scorpio lines - enjoy the videos!  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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Did You Know?

Astria fireplaces are often times called "The Designers Choice" because of their start in the design industry?

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