Blaze has really come on the market the past four years, making a big splash with a lot of dealers (us being one of them).  Their products are made overseas, but the quality is absolutely first-rate.  Their owner takes the manufacturing process very seriously, and thus, makes a lot of trips overseas per year to make sure the quality stays high and that the product comes out as intended.  Their BBQ grill lines (standard and Pro) are very reasonably priced, and their bbq accessories are that way, as well.  Think of their Pro brand as a lessor-cost Lynx bbq (and better quality, we think!).

Their standard line-up consists of a small 25" grill, a 32" 4-burner grill, and a larger 40" 5-burner grill.  All three come in either Built-In or Portable cart models.  Their Pro line only comes in a 34" size currently, although rumor has it that there will be more coming by the end of 2016.  The Pro features the cast burners that commercial manufacturers use, but they're cast from Stainless (like FireMagic), not brass (like Lynx).  Stainless is much better for obvious reasons, namely, being able to get HOT or COOL quickly.  In fact, their standard line, while not featuring the cast-design that commercial manufacturers use, do feature a cast product, so either way, you'll have great heat from your Blaze grill.

Their accessories are all made here in the USA - in fact, the grills and fridge's are the only thing made overseas.  Oh, and their warranty?  Lifetime on ALL stainless parts (fridge's are 1 year), so on their grills, all stainless is covered for the lifetime of the purchaser.  It's an EXCELLENT warranty!!

Last but not least, Blaze has some terrific grilling products like their Power Burner and Side Burners, and brand new to the market is their All-Aluminum Kamado and Blaze Built-In (and portable cart-model) Griddle!!  For the Kamado, no more ceramic nonsense with hinges that don't work...  the main benefits are that the aluminum will get just as hot as the ceramic, but when you turn it off, the Aluminum will cool quickly - a very welcome addition to the backyard, especially when kids are around...  And the new griddle is super useful, so when you want to flat-iron a piece of steak, or just cook up some eggs for brekky, you now have a super-duty 30" griddle to use!  Enjoy the video's below, and you can find out more about Blaze by clicking here:  BLAZE  .  And come in today to see them on display!

(Note: The video's below are from BBQ Guys and Blaze.  We match internet pricing, and may just beat it, too! Rather than your product travelling across 10 states, buy local - it will cost you no more, and quite possibly, less!  But enjoy their video! )

Blaze Built-In Griddle at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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