We are very happy to carry the Canadian-made Broil King bbq carts, and while we do not carry the full line, we do carry the ones that are the best value for your money.  First, we only import the Canadian versions - why? Because they're less restrictive and are hotter, so... we pay the tariff and freight, but you get a hotter grilling machine.  Secondly, we offer two models - one has a rotisserie, one does not.  And both come in either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas.

The non-rotisserie model (LP) starts at $699 and that INCLUDES delivery, building of the grill, an OEM factory vinyl grill cover, and demonstration of the grill if you have a full LP tank there when we come.  They really are a great little product and they're much better quality than you see at a Home Depot or DIY-store...

A lot of apartments and smaller homes and condo's are better suited for a portable product, not a built-in bbq island, so please come check out these great Canadian products - and remember, we build, deliver, hook-up the grills for you!!  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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Toshitaro Hatabu is our Store Manager.  Ask him anything you'd like!

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