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A few years ago, you wouldn't be caught dead trying to sell electric fireplaces to the better homes in your area.  They were cheaply done, the electronics were terrible, the flame looked like.. well, not a flame, and it was all garbage being peddled at every furniture store.  Well, turn the clock ahead to now, and electric fireplaces are THE THING in the industry.  The one company that is taking the concept and running with it is Dimplex.  They have created two of the most realistic looking fireplace designs in the business.  One is called the Opti-Myst design, and the other is called the Opti-V.  The Opti-Myst uses electricity and water (that you easily fill) to create a fireplace look that is 3-D, including vapor that comes from the fireplace.  The Opti-V is a High-Definition version that is all graphics, and it REALLY looks like a real fireplace, including the crackling logs!  See the video below, and definitely check out their website by clicking here:   DIMPLEX  .

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