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Eiklor Log Set at OC BBQ & Fireplace
Eiklor Log Sets at OC BBQ & Fireplace
Eiklor Logs at Orange County BBQ & Fireplace
large indoor fireplace with firelogs

Eiklor has been around for many years, but it's a specialized product that only higher-end shops carry.  While there are many excellent quality, ceramic log companies out there (like RealFyre and Rasmussen, the two leaders in this industry), Eiklor is most famous for the 'large' log sets and multi-flame burners.

They created the 'giant logs' market by coming up with the "Mombo" log set while ago, which is a giant, over 100" log set that is used by large hotels, country clubs, etc.  These log sets are crafted in the USA, offer an exceptional look, and they can actually be made-to-order for special applications or uses.  If you have a fire feature outdoors, they can make you an outdoor log set with stainless steel burner, as well.  Again, this is what a specialty manufacturer is all about!

In addition to the larger "Mambo" sets, they also make beautiful 'standard size' log sets, and they have some special nuances when compared to the other brands.  They have 'multi-flame' burners, so not only does the flame come from below, but it also comes from the back, sides, etc.  You can order the Ultimate 3 or Ultimate 5 log burners, with or without valves (for remote systems and electronic on/off wall switches), and you also have the choice of log style.  We LOVE the "Prehistoric" logs, which come with small timbres and acorns...  Eiklor gives you a FULL set when  you order, too, so there are lots to put around the log set, as well.

Truly unique, truly realistic looking, we've had nothing but success with this brand.  We invite you into our showroom to see the smaller and medium sized Eiklor Flames log sets, which are on display.  For those that have larger fireplaces with tons of height in your firebox, you'll want to specify these log sets to your designer or builder.  And we do installations, so let us know and we can do it for you!  And please visit Eiklor's website by clicking here:  EIKLOR .

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