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Finishing Touch sells high-quality glass, beads, tumbled lava, and gem stones.  In addition to selling these items, they also sell stainless steel fire burners, key valves, line kits, and a host of other products.  We are very happy with Finishing Touch and their customer service to us and our clients, and they're located right here in Southern California, so usually, we get shipments the very next day!!

The newest product out is the tumbled lava product, which comes in up to 1", 2" and 4" sizes.  Instead of using that old, dated look of just 'lava rock', Finishing Touch tumbles it (much like they tumble the glass to get it safe to handle), and it comes out looking like sparkly easter-eggs!!  A great product - come on in for a look to touch and feel it.  Also, you can visit their website for more information by clicking here:  FinishingTouch  .  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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