There are a few companies in every category that stand out.  In fact, they not only stand out among the competition, they stand out TO the competition.  FireMagic (Fire Magic) is one of those companies.

First, they're built in Southern California.  BBQ's, Barbecue islands, Freestanding Portable Gas BBQ's, Drop-In Barbecue's, Side Burners, Doors, Drawers, Professional Charcoal & Wood Smokers...  FireMagic has made a very good name for themselves by not only building quality products, but also providing excellent customer care & service to their clients and customers.  (In fact, much like PGS and Blaze grills, they have a technical support staff that is on the ready to answer questions, help with difficulties, etc. Not a lot of companies staff a large technical support division, but they do!)

When it comes to building residential-quality products, FireMagic is the leader in the industry, with their commercial-quality lines of grilling equipment.  There are three lines, two of which are the commercial-quality products that feature the cast H-shaped burners.

ECHELON - This is the top-of-the-line bbq grill line from RHP, the parent company.  Featuring LED Lights, Lights in the hood, Single-piece portable grill models, cast burners... some say that they are expensive, but the truth?  Anything of quality is ALWAYS more money, but if you factor in the time you will own this grill, it may surprise you to find out that it will be a very inexpensive purchase over time.  Plus, for 80 years, RHP has been producing products, so how many other grill manufacturers can say that they have a part for their grill... from 30 years ago?

AURORA - This is the next step for the Fire Magic product line, and while it's not 'loaded' like the Echelon, it's not any different when it comes to the powerhouse burners inside... same as the Echelon.  The Aurora just doesn't feature some of the newer technologies that the Echelon has, but make no mistake; if it's heat you are searchin' for, you'll find it here!

CHOICE - This FireMagic line of grills feature the Aurora look to them, but feature the residential-class burner system (stainless steel u-shaped burner).  So you get the heat with the Choice product line, just not the burner system of the Aurora.  But again, if  it's quality you seek, you will find it with this line.

Lastly, FireMagic does feature some charcoal grills, some speciality products, refrigeration, beer tapes, etc., so make sure to check them out at their website - you'll find that we match or beat online prices AND you're buying local.  How can you beat that?  Here is the link directly to FireMagic, or RHP:  FireMagic   .  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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