Portable Gas Heater Brands

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There are many gas heater Brands out there - read our review page...  but only a handful are genuinely a "Good Buy" and feature a heater and core elements that are quality-driven.  The largest name in the market is Patio Comfort, providing portable gas heaters for over 30 years.  Ambiance is a relatively new heater Brand, but it's from the Patio Comfort family and is basically the Lava Italia heater, just re-branded.  And less money.. :)

Sunglo portable heaters are generally thought of as commercial-quality heaters and we sell them to restaurants and large estates, as well as party rental companies.  A very well product, SunGlo heaters are known for their durability and excellent construction.  Lastly, Bromic portable heaters feature a rectangular infrared gas heater element that focuses the energy 180 degrees, not 360 like most 'mushroom'-type heaters.  They are excellent products, give off great heat, and the build-quality of the heater is wonderful - excellent product when you want to send the heat only one way...

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