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Luxor BBQ's are a very high-quality residential product line.  They not only sell grills and grilling equipment, but they also manufacture outdoor refrigeration units and warming drawers, too!  So while most grill manufacturers only focus on the main stream items, Luxor believes that to truly appreciate the outdoor kitchen, you should be able to offer potential clients all the aspects of their outdoor bbq island from one manufacturer.

We are a distributor for this luxury brand, and they have plenty of bbq equipment accessories for outdoor living areas.  Warming Drawers, Cocktail Pro's, Super Huge Grills...  you name it, they have it!  PLUS, unlike most grill manufacturers, they allow you to somewhat customize your grilling products.  So you can usually select if you want a rotisserie system or not, or a lighting system in the hood (or not).  They are a Garden Grove company, they get us product usually within two or three days, and their fit and finish is excellent.

Luxor also sells outdoor portable grills that are charcoal fired, so whether you want a built-in grill or a portable bbq, Luxor may very well have exactly what you're looking for.  And finally, the polish a lot of their products, so expect to see a very attractive looking product line when you come to our store and check the Luxor product out.  See you here! Oh, and you can visit their website by clicking here:  LUXOR  .  And enjoy the two video's below - the one from BBQGuys is great, and we match their online pricing, so welcome you to view their video but buy from us - unless you want your grill to travel through 10 states on a truck...   :)  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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