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The Pacific Living Gas-Fired Pizza Oven is new on the market as of last year (2015).  It uses Liquid Propane to fire the oven, and the unit is, in fact, very compact.  It actually lends itself to being put on top of a cooking counter or your outdoor bbq island.  There are several YouTube video's showing you how to cook with the Pacific Living Pizza Oven and it does a pretty good job - just as good as a wood-fired pizza oven, but quicker!

The Pacific Living brand has a few choices for our clients - you can choose to have the oven as a stand-alone; this model is the one we sell most of, as you can place it wherever you like and immediately have a pizza oven ready to go.  Just hook up the Liquid Propane tank and you're off!  The other model that we sell is the Cart Model oven, which incorporates the cart (freestanding cart with wheels), and this allows you to keep it outside and roll it around to where you need it.  The Liquid Propane tank can then be kept in the cart area, which is convenient.

Pacific Living Pizza Ovens DO come in black, but we don't sell these models, as we tend to focus on the Stainless Steel varieties.  However, if someone does want the black version(s), we can special order them, as we do the stainless, but they take several weeks to get... FYI...

For those clients that want a portable solution for a pizza oven, and want a relatively compact package (as opposed to our wood-fired pizza ovens that are larger and do not feature a gas-type start), this is a great unit to bake with!  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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