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Most of the Brands below are RESIDENTIAL-quality products, meaning that the bbq's (barbecue's or grills) are designed and built primarily for the home.  Most brands come in built-in style or cart-model (freestanding) style, and most have an inexpensive stainless steel tube-type burner.  The benefit of stainless is that you can increase (or decrease) the heat very quickly - something that is difficult to do when you have brass or cast iron burners.  And we do not carry the 'offshore' junk brands .  We only sell QUALITY and VALUE, not PRICE.

Some brands (such as AOG, FireMagic and PGS) have commercial features on their grills, so they may have timers built-in so that residents or guests don't leave the grill on.  These grills are specifically made for either rental properties or hotels/resorts, and usually do not feature rotisserie systems.  They come set-up for either Liquid Propane or Natural Gas, and they come either as a pedestal model (post) or a cart-model (without access).

Lastly, some brands that we sell are considered "Commercial-Quality" products, such as FireMagic and the Blaze Pro series.  These grills feature the commercial grilling features that restaurants use, such as cast burners and heavy-duty grates and grids.  They are NOT meant to substitute at a restaurant or commercial kitchen, but rather, they're built to that same benchmark - just for home use.  There isn't many company on the market that still uses a brass burner.   FireMagic and Blaze have made the leap to a stainless cast burner for better heat control.  Also to note is that some manufacturers use briquettes, while others use a flavor tray.  Both work great, so pick a quality grill and you'll be happy!  (949) 630-FIRE or (619) 467-FIRE


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